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2018 Editorial Focus


Food Focus: Flour and Crust Characteristics
Equipment/Technology: Ovens—Gas vs. Electric
Recipe of the Month: Cheese
PizzaTV: D.C. Jumbo Slices


Food Focus: Olive Oils
Equipment/Technology: Building a Better Delivery Program
Recipe of the Month: Olives
PizzaTV: St. Louis-Style Pizza


Food Focus: Sourcing Cleaner Ingredients
Equipment/Technology: Offsite Catering
Recipe of the Month: Dessert Pizza
PizzaTV: Gluten-Free Pizza


Food Focus: Vegetarian Meat Alternatives
Equipment/Technology: Direct Mail/Cooperative Mailing
Recipe of the Month: Flatbreads
PizzaTV: Ohio Valley-Style Pizza


Food Focus: Gluten-Free
Equipment/Technology: POS—Mobile Payments
Recipe of the Month: Chicken
PizzaTV: San Francisco-Vegan Pizza


Food Focus: Pasta Entrees
Equipment/Technology: Online Ordering
Recipe of the Month: Greek Pizza
PizzaTV: New York-Style Pizza


Food Focus: Dough Management
Equipment/Technology: Pizza Box Marketing
Recipe of the Month: Meatballs
PizzaTV: New England-Greek Pizza


Food Focus: Italian Meats
Equipment/Technology: Automated Phone Systems
Recipe of the Month: Stuffed Crust
PizzaTV: Chicago-Style Pizza


Food Focus: Yeast
Equipment/Technology: Third-Party Delivery Services
Recipe of the Month: Sausage
PizzaTV: California-Style Pizza


Food Focus: Cheese
Equipment/Technology: POS—Social Media Integration
Recipe of the Month: Muffaletta
PizzaTV: Detroit-Style Pizza

Additional Topics in 2018

Chicken Wings: New Flavor Profiles
Essential Dough Equipment
Loyalty Reward Programs
Craft Beers
Mastering Facebook Marketing
Deep Fryers
Logoed Merchandising
Matching Pasta Shapes to Sauces
Making the Most of Mozzarella