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PMQ Advertising Specifications

Magazine Specs

Trim Size: 7.875” x 10.875”
Safety From Trim: .25”
Bleed: Positioned .125” from trim
Trim Crop Marks: Positioned outside bleed area by .125”
Binding: Perfect Bound

Cover Tip Specs

Front Band

Trim Size: 7.875” x 3.5”
Bleed: 8.125” x 3.5”
Live Area: 6.36” x 3”
(Live area is IMPORTANT. Please follow these specs so that your logos, text, etc. do not get cut off when the magazine is cut.)

Full Page Backside

Trim Size: 7.875” x 10.875”
Bleed: 8.125” x 11.125”
Live Area: 6.36” x 9.875”
(Live area is IMPORTANT. Please follow these specs so that your logos, text, etc. do not get  cut off when the magazine is cut.)

Production contacts:

For ad specs, format and all other production-related questions, please contact:

Eric Summers
eric@pmq.com or art@pmq.com
662-234-5481 ext 134

Send all inserts to:
RR Donnelley
Attn: Caleb Graham
121 Matthews Drive
Senatobia, MS 38668
(662) 562-5015 ext 321
All inserts must deliver directly to RR Donnelley.  Please indicate on shipping in which PMQ issue insert is scheduled to run.

Preferred Format

PMQ Pizza Magazine’s preferred format for ad submission is a print-resolution (300 dpi) PDF file. CMYK color space.

JPEGs, TIFs, and EPS files are acceptable as well, provided that all graphics are embedded or flattened, and any fonts are rasterized or converted to paths.

Submitting Art

Please email your advertisement to art@pmq.com or eric@pmq.com and be sure to CC your sales representative.  For large files, please upload your file to www.hightail.com/u/PMQ-art.

Bind-in cards 

All Bind-in cards need to be supplied by the advertiser at their own cost of printing. Bind-in cards must have a perforation 1/4” from bind.

Layout & Design Services

Available upon request. Ask your sales representative for prices. Layout, artwork, typesetting, illustration or retouching will incur extra charges. Prepress charges or additional costs incurred by publisher for extra services or improperly prepared material will be passed on to the advertiser. The design department is Mac-based.

Ad Specifications

Two-Page Spread

Bleed: 16” x 11.125”
Trim: 15.75” x 10.875”
Live area: 15” x 10.375”

Full Page

Bleed:  8.125” x 11.125”
Trim:  7.875” x 10.875”
Live area: 7.375” x 10.375”

1/3 page:

2.125” x 9.875”

1/2 page horizontal:

6.75” x 4.875”

1/4 page:

3.3” x 4.875”